the #ERmission.

by retrodiction


“Fear comes from the fact that you THINK you cannot act or will act incorrectly. But if you actually try, even though you’re scared as hell, you’ll often realize that these fears don’t have any foundations. They can be blown away if you just tell yourself you’ll do it no matter what. In many cases you’ll think that death is your worst case, but you have to realise, you’re over-exagerating.”


Ok, so i came across this quote (by Eleanor Roosevelt) the other day and it’s prolly really old and overused, but i still think it’s really really meaningful. And judging from my current lifestyle, a whole lot of change is gonna do me good. And just thinking about it already seems pretty intimidating, but i’m gonna try, for the next month or so, i’m gonna live by this quote. (because i fear nothing more than a life unlived)

So starting tomorrow (technically today) and everyday for the next month or so, i will do one new thing that not necessarily scares me, but is unfamiliar/new/uncomfortable to me. I’ll try to do at least thirty and i don’t know if i can do one everyday, so i’ll see how it goes.

Actually, the more i think about it, the more excited i feel.

So i guess i’ll let you know how it turns out then(: