silver screens (part 2)

by retrodiction

DISCLAIMER!: For your own sake, please just skip this post if you haven’t gotten to watching Restless. (please know that i’m judging you though. sooooo much judgement right now.)

“As I write this letter, the ocean breeze feels cool on my skin.
The very ocean is soon to be my grave.
They tell me I will die a hero, that the safety and honor of my country will be the reward for my sacrifice.
I pray they are right.

My only regret in life is never telling you how I feel.
I wish I were back home.
I wish I were holding your hand.
I wish I were telling you that I have loved you and only you since I was a boy.
But I am not.
I see now that death is easy. It is love that is hard.

As my plane dives, I will not see the face of my enemies.
I will only, instead, see your eyes.
Like black rocks frozen in rain water.
They tell us that we must scream, “Banzai” as we plunge into our target.
I will instead whisper your name and in death, as in life, I will remain forever yours.”

This is just. omg. i can’t even… too touching:’)