put your hands in the air

by retrodiction

So… I’ve been pretty lazy for the past 4/5 months. I can’t seem to get myself to focus long enough to accomplish anything. why oh why. Sigh. The only thing that’s scaring me the most right now, is that failing all my tests and assignments don’t even seem to bother me anymore. There isn’t the “I’ll do better” drive any longer. It’s only “whatever” or “fuck this shit” or “why do i even try”. woopsies. This is bad. Really bad. COME ON, PRESS ON, MICH! (:

So, for the main purpose of this post – INCH CHUA.

She’s a local(Singaporean) artist and i happened to chance upon her songs recently. (AMAZING I MUST SAY) Most of her songs are self composed and they really are meaningful.

The Last Waltz (this is a cover but it’s my favourite)

Wallflower — this is an original

So apparently she’s been doing music for quite some time now and had some pretty awesome achievements but it seems like she’s not really getting the attention she could potentially get. (that’s how amazing i think she is:D)

So, if you guys could, please support her. It’ll be great. And the best part is… Her albums are free to download! (link below) Or you could pay her whatever amount you think she deserves;) *hint*hint*

Inch Chua

I think she has 3 albums up now, and they’re doing great. But they deserve so much more(:

Toodles y’all~