plus est en vous

by retrodiction

“There is more in you than you think.”

So I’ve been gone for a pretty long while because I was at 5D4N leadership camp, and “Plus Est En Vous” was our theme. I have to admit, i was pretty reluctant to attend the camp initially (especially with bad reviews and far too many complaints from my seniors) but now i can gladly PROCLAIM that i wouldn’t give it up for the world. To say that the camp was beneficial/relevant/useful to me is an understatement. This might sound dramatic, but in many ways, this camp is a life changing experience for me  — yes, life changing!

For starters, the amazing people i’ve meet through these 5 days and 4 nights is reason enough to do it all over again (even if it means going through the hell of physical and mental exhaustion) And more than anything else, they helped me regain confidence in myself, especially with all the difficulties i’d been having. For the past 5 months i’d been so worried and worked up over how people perceived me and how i wasn’t quite on the same frequency as most of them. But all the acceptance my Aatas has given me….. I’m grateful beyond words:’)

Also, the 3 major events we had — Dragon Boating, High Elements and Night expedition — gave me the opportunity to try out new things and most importantly, conquer old fears. One of the major high points of this whole camp was High E. I’ve always had such a great fear of heights, but by some unknown gush of bravery i actually attempted a (nearly) 3 story climb up a vertical pole only to jump for a trapeze rope dangling in the air. (with an unglam manly roar to boost my courage, at the top of the pole, no less) It prolly seems like a pretty small achievement, but to me it’s an extremely significant one. There’s simply no way to describe the liberating feeling of conquering a fear like that except to say “in that moment, i swear i was infinite.” 

So I guess the whole point of this post is just to show my appreciation for my beloved Aatas because the impact they had on me was far greater than they could ever imagine.

Being able to find people like them and people like Cecilia who i could click so effortlessly and naturally with just made me feel so much less worried about my JC life and the fact that i haven’t been able to forge a close bond with the other people i’ve met before them. I’m glad i(they?/we?) know of my flaws, but them being able to put that aside so easily and make me feel like there isn’t a thing in the world i had to change about myself was just amazing. So i guess this just goes to show that there really isn’t such a thing as pleasing everybody, only that there will always be somebody out there for you.

On a side note, this camp has just pushed my #ERmission to whole a new level and if i could conquer the High E, there’s pretty much nothing(SELF-DENIAL) that i can’t conquer.