by retrodiction


1. Thank the person, who nominated you.

2. Tell seven things about yourself.

3. Nominate 15 other bloggers.

4. Post the image of the award in your acceptance post.


Why, of course, a thousand and one thanks to The ITT (It,Them,They) System. I never knew that there were blogger awards on wordpress and i much less expected that i would ever be nominated. I started this blog on a whim barely a month ago and half the time i rant nonsensically, so yes, i am truly thankful to ITT and whoever it was that nominated me (there are 7? or 8? brains behind that blog, no?)

If you want to check out the other nominees: Shock and Awe… Versatile Shock and Awe… (ITT)

Tell 7 things about yourself:
1. I am a very inconsistent person (which is prolly why my blog was nominated, because i can’t ever stick to just one topic.)
2. I am extremely EXTREMELY whiny. As you can already see by my whiny posts on my whiny blog over the last whiny month whining incessantly about my “problems”.
3. I absolutely adore Emma Watson and Ellen DeGeneres. They’re both wildly talented and gorgeous. And they’ve got the brains to back it too. My Enspirations (see what i did there!)


Ellen & Portia

Emma Watson, Vogue.


4. I lie when people ask me what i’d like to achieve in future.
(because people sometimes mock my dreams, which i absotively posilutely cannot stand.)
I always say i want to be rich. Nothing comes first for me other than money, which is an absolute lie. I mean, it’d be nice to be filthy rich and live an extremely extravagant lifestyle, but i actually really wouldn’t mind just-getting-by either. (Honestly, i kind of want to be like Bear Grylls:D)

5. I support gay marriage and rights. Come on, it’s the 20th century. We should have already learnt our lesson by now. (what with the witchcraft, and slavery, and DADT, and Prop 8 and what have you.) Gay people deserve as much equality as any other person next to you.

6. Reading should be made mandatory. It’s surprising how more and more people are getting more and more ignorant despite the advancements in technology. Which is why honesty IS the best policy because i would very much like for people to tell me straight(nicely!) if something i’m doing is offensive/repulsive/deserving of a smack right in the middle of my face. But whatever.

7. The chorus of 7 things by Miley Cryus has been replaying in my head since i started writing this. It would most likely be playing until i go to bed. Damn it.
(also, i bet it’s playing in your mind right now.)

Nominate 15 other bloggers:






Sorry i could i only come up with 5, i haven’t been on wordpress or active enough to discover more awesome blogs. I would post about it if i come across any in future though(:

So, this has been an episode of “Excitement overload: The Versatile Blogger award”


Is it silly to get so excited over something like this? Is it? Really?
No. I don’t care. I’m excited. Take that.