the perfect stranger

by retrodiction

You know what would be nice? A rib-crushing-paralysing-suffocating hug.

Everyone needs a little love. Everyone needs a little love from a stranger now and then. Because for some odd reason, it feels really good. Maybe a friendly smile, or a little chat. Or you know… that rib-crushing-paralysing-suffocating hug. Wait, before you go off hugging strangers like 70 year old pervy old men on the street, i don’t mean strangers like that. I mean strangers like… an unfamiliar acquaintance at the very least?

There is a really big part of me that enjoys trying new things. And part of trying those new things is meeting new people. I’ve done quite a couple of things on my own now (mostly because i have to…) and you’d be surprised at all the different kinds of people you’ll strike a conversation with when you’re away from the safety net of everything familiar. Essentially, being on your own forces you to have to meet new people.

I remember ever meeting the most adventurous 20-odd year old while i was in Vietnam. God, was she fearless. She was back-packing, all alone, through Asia. Which is really far from home for her considering she’s European and all that. You’d never believe how envious i was of her.

Don’t get me wrong, most times, it gets frustrating having to do things on my own. But at the end of the day i find myself becoming that much braver, that much more independent.

Which reminds me. My #ERMission has been a complete flop. Supposedly i should’ve been done with doing 30 new things by the end of last month. But guess how many i did….. drumroooooll…. THREE! That is just pathetic. Although i do have to admit, despite doing only three things, it has already gotten me so psyched. The adrenaline was unbelievable. I honestly don’t know if i’ll be able to reach my goal though.