20 things about my bfflaofklt

by retrodiction

Best Friends For Life And Our Future Kids’ Lives Too?
Like, erm, BFF is sooo yesterday. *bitch face*

  1. She sometimes does this weird snore when she sleeps.
  2. Her soft toy has a weird name which she likes to insist people cannot pronounce though we CLEARLY say it the same.
  3. I don’t think i’ve ever openly admit that she’s my best-est friend ever.
  4. She likes to whine about how her dog loves me more.
  5. Her mom used to hate me. I swear. Literally hate.
  6. I think she secretly enjoys my sweet kisses but refuses to admit it!
  7. Think of any slightly uncommon food. I bet she has never eaten it.
  8. She never complains, even when i throw tantrums at her. Awww ♥♥♥♥.
  9. She loves me even though she knows my dirty little secrets;)
  10. She’s the most loyal and trustworthy person i’ve ever met.
  11. She one of my best studying partners ever.
  12. She doesn’t change her impressions about people easily. Almost never.
  13. We don’t talk often but when we do, it’s like we see each other everyday.
  14. She doesn’t open up easily.
  15. When she’s in Rage Mode, she turns into Godzilla. You better run.
  16. I love how she tells me she i’m the only one she tells almost everything to(:
  17. I think she and her future partner will never quarrel because she never argues with people she’s madly in love with. HAHA.
  18. She’s kind and generous, but she’s no pushover.
  19. If she reads this, I bet she’ll know i’m talking about her but will be too shy to say so.
  20. I love you la. :*

Gosh. This is so mushy. I’m never doing it again.