sowed nothing? well, reap nothing then.

by retrodiction

So i’ve already received 3 out of my 6 papers and not a single one was good enough. Honestly though, i can’t say that i’m surprised. Afterall, i didn’t put in enough effort. The biggest disappointment thus far is definitely my chinese. I mean, who in the world scores 6/60 for a composition paper. Really? Really?! What’s worse, i can feel it in my gut (i swear), that this isn’t the worst yet.

Some people think enough effort means studying most days of the week or long hours into the night, i say enough effort is when you know that that’s the best you’ve got and that you’ve given it your all. And i clearly haven’t. There’s still disappointment though, because i know i did study. I really really did. But then again, i also know that it wasn’t my best, i could’ve put in a whole lot more effort.

Which reminds me, i honestly can’t understand the mentality of some really selfish douchebags. Like, why would you ever —even if secretly —wish for someone to fail (metaphorically) just so you can “prove” yourself? Do you really have such little self-worth? The thing about exams is that it’s nothing but a competition, but it doesn’t mean it always has to be a bad thing. One thing’s for sure though, at the end of the day, unless you’re that selfish douchebag without a heart, more often than not, the results you get back are gonna make you sad anyways.

Because most of the time either :
a) You’ll do badly (obviously you’ll be sad, duh.) Or,
b) You’ll do well, but instead of a sincere pat on the back, you’ll have to tolerate people’s snide remarks.

Which is absotively posilutely ridiculous. So please, the next time you’re rewarded for anything, anything at all, unless you’re sure the person doesn’t deserve it (because he cheated, or lied, or stole, or robbed, or killed) shut your pie hole! Shut it up because you know they’ve worked for it and instead of being downright ungracious about it, get off your lazy ass and do something about yourself.

And people who are being rewarded, there’s no need to flaunt it in our faces either. Because then, you really do deserve the verbal abuse.
On a side-note, I realised that i’m always attracted to people who has this air of mystery about them. Like they’re indecipherable. Or quirky and different. Like they’re a bundle of unpredictability (no, not in the PMS way). It doesn’t necessarily mean attracted attracted, just attracted as in drawn to, wanting to make friends or know more about them, etc etc. Maybe it’s because i’ve found that these kinds of people make one of the best friends. Because they’re rarely superficial people (note: rarely. There always are exceptions) and when they start unravelling their own mysteries for you, you know that it means something. I guess i’m just a sucker for deep, meaningful, (most importantly) lasting friendships.