Alice in wonderland

by retrodiction

I have something i must tell you. Because

a) It’s the creepiest thing ever.
b) I’m so scared, i might doo-doo in my pants.

So last night, i felt so brave i decided to do away with my little night light. (I’ve slept with a night light every night for as long as i can remember. I’m such a baby.) MISTAKE NUMBER ONE. When i got into bed i started feeling a little scared. But i was thinking that i would fall asleep pretty quickly so it wasn’t worth the effort to get up and go turn my night light back on. MISTAKE NUMBER TWO. So instead, i curled up between two pillows and threw my blanket over myself. MISTAKE NUMBER THREE.

So this happened… I was just laying in my bed, and thinking. You know that thing about your mind not shutting up when you’re trying go to bed. That. And the next thing i knew, i was looking at all these cartoon characters. They lived in a real world, our world, and they were everywhere. Like they were humans, and it was normal. ??? And i don’t know if they couldn’t see me or if they didn’t want to see me because i couldn’t speak throughout my dream, and when i tried to look them in the eye to try and get their attention, they either avoided me, or just looked right through me. Like i was invisible.

But the weirdest thing was, i knew what was going on. Somehow i knew that i was lying in my bed, and i was dreaming. And it felt as though i was awake and this was just me having some crazy imaginations, but i was asleep! But, awake at the same time? And then things started to get really creepy. All these cartoon characters started getting these creepy evil faces. So i somehow tried to consciously force myself to dream of happy things. But not even a second later these faces come back again!

And throughout the dream, there was this most uncomfortable feeling. I’m not even sure how to describe it. It’s feels like you’re on a boat in choppy waters, except, you’re in the air! And it feels as though you might just tip over and fall any second. Like sometimes when you sleep and you suddenly feel as if you’re falling and falling and then you jerk awake (i actually really REALLY like that. weird!) except this time, i didn’t fall. It felt like i was going to fall so i had to constantly “balance” myself.

And then guess what. All of a sudden this creepy, humongous female cartoon, who i could’ve sworn looked like Jafar from Aladdin (if he were a girl), walked up to me with her nasty evil-looking face and started to strangle me! I could feel myself trying to lift my hand ups to loosen her grip, not in the dream, but literally lift my hands up. And again while all of this was happening, i knew i was dreaming! I was so so scared and i tried to dream her away. (It still feels weird that i could just instantly change my dream like that).

All the while i could hear myself repeating in my mind, “Happy thoughts, happy thoughts.”; “Dream of Achele.”; dream of this; dream of that. And the dream was good.

For a little while.

I dreamt of real, living, breathing humans. Dancers, for i haven’t got the slightest clue why. But when these dancers turn to smile at me, they’re heads starting popping into faces of cartoon characters! I was scared waaay beyond the point of being able to doo-doo in my pants. I just froze. And i could feel myself struggling to get my mind to wake up! It sounds weird and unimaginable, but i was consciously forcing myself to wake up. It was so difficult. I was blinking really quickly and i could still see faint images of the faces against the blanket over my head. And i couldn’t move. It was as though i was paralysed! I just couldn’t move, like i had no control over my limbs! Eventually i woke up (fully), barely regaining control over my body, a little groggy, but awake nonetheless. And my hands were on my neck and it really felt as though i had been strangled. I jumped out of my bed immediately and i turned on all the lights in my room. Thankfully sleep was peaceful after that.


So i thought what i had was a lucid dream but then i googled and found out that the symptoms of my “dream” was somewhat like Sleep Paralysis. Which explained that feelings of danger, panic or anxiety was common. Coupled with (usually scary) hallucinations.

My god, was it a crazy experience or what. My room lights are definitely going to remain on for the next few nights (WEEKS).