It’s On You.

by retrodiction

How bad do you need to want something that it’s bad enough for it to want to come to you too?

How much effort are you going to put in?

How determined are you to overcome your obstacles?

How much willpower are you going to display?

How much longer are you willing to let this take control of your life?

Life is not always fair. You don’t always reap what you sow… But if you sow nothing, you will most definitely reap Nothing. 

It’s about time you snapped out of it. Look and see where this has taken you. Nowhere. None closer, and if it’s even possible, farther from your goal. How much more of a failure do you need to be before you’ll get yourself together. Pick your shit up and piece yourself back together this instant. Or i’m pretty sure behind the counters of McDonald’s is where you’re gonna be for the rest of your life.