Happy As A Lark

by retrodiction

This is why i live. For moments like this. Simple moments where i’m struck with bouts of joy. Unexplainable, irrepressible giddy bundles of happiness that leave me smiling from ear to ear till the muscles in my face ache. My heart will flutter, my head will feel light, everyone and everything will appear funnier than they ought to be, and there will be no need for a reason. No good things have to happen, no particular person to make it happen, no need for sweet words of any sort. Just pure, unadulterated joy because life just feels that good.

I could invent a machine that bottles joy. Imagine having an unlimited supply of bottled joy. Joy Full i’ll call it. (So puny) And i’ll give it out for free, because i have an endless supply. Fountains and fountains of it. I might need it the most though.

These moments are too rare, too short-lived. They feel the best but they don’t come often. Why don’t they come often?