by retrodiction

No, you don’t love her. You can’t love her. Can’t you see it, she’s unloveable. Look at her. Look! Not just see. The flaws are overwhelming. So glaringly obvious even the sight of her scares me.

Sometimes i look at her and i see bright, cheery, joyful faces. Most times i look at her, and all i can think of is ‘Why do you even exist?’ No one cares for it, so why? I know you’ll all say i’m being overly-harsh and just plain cruel. But honestly, if you knew her, even half as well i do,  you’d see that what i’m saying is merely an understatement.

It’s so pathetic to see. Watch her go picking and choosing when already there is nobody left for her to pick or choose. Listen to her, whine and whine, what exactly is it that she wants?! Look at that smile, plastered over her face. She doesn’t mean any of the things she say.

The Great Pretender! Lying is what i call it.

Pay attention, and you’ll find her desperately hiding the sad fact that she doesn’t belong here. She doesn’t belong in our world. Maybe she ought to be banished to some secret world. Far off and out of reach. No, not a secret world like Narnia. Nothing magical.  Maybe a secret world like where the Gorgons live. Or like labyrinths filled with Minotaurs. Or Groundhog day, in hell.

All i’m saying is… How can you love her when even they don’t. Someone should just tell her the truth. Tell her how repulsive she really is. Tell her how she thinks she’s all that when really… she’s nothing.

She’s a cold, unfeeling, waste of a person. Not as incapable of emotions as a machine, but not deserving of human emotions either.

She’s unloveable.