by retrodiction

The fear of failure always gets to you more than having actually failed.

Have you ever not want to try something, not get started on something because you are just that unsure of whether you’re going to be able to pull through and succeed? Life is nothing but a series of uncertainties, but even that i’m not used to yet. I want to go places, meet people and do fulfilling things, and i know those are still a long long time away but i cannot even begin to imagine how miserable i would be if i cannot accomplish those things. And these thoughts alone, are the only thing that’s holding me back. I’m so afraid of failing that I’m holding myself back. It’s a vicious cycle you see.

Fear of failing → Hesitant to try → Try but not able to put my best foot forward → Panic, faint and/or die → FAIL → Jaded and afraid of future failures → Repeat process.