That Makes Two Of Us

by retrodiction

You ignite in glorious rays by day,

And shine by night with the brightest whites of light.

A North star lounged in luminous nests of glitter.

I branded blind faith in you to lead me home,

As your sweet sea breezes whisper, “Come hither!”


But turquoise green turn eerily

Black and icy roaring the wrath of a kraken while

You the anchor now clearly

A deadweight with your invisible bolts and chains wrapped

Taut they wind and intertwine prodding for

The pain I have not yet wept.


Water and air morphed to mortal enemies of

Your rusted engines in

Time covertly coating barely blunted edges

But bitter soot stains most

Permanently ignoring my urges

Of overstayed invitations to an impertinent host

Tacking its mark on a heart blackened at

Best no less a machine or more a

Man furled with a world’s worth of incessant indignity.


I had meant to ride the waves

The crests and falls with

Unparalleled poise fighting only to stave

Off your relentless rifts

For helm to a ship stripped of bare necessities each

Time you sting triumph from reason

Logic decidedly dispensable to emotion, you preach.


How do we remember when we were set like planks adrift?

Or how did we forget great tranquil waters?

No bit more briny than the air we breath

Like you and me, before I falter

Fused into a single entity.


Nothing is distinct,

Where I end and you begin.

Yet a separation must make haste for I think,

You, my wayward heart has been…

Too much of a hassle.

But what will we be, you the captain or I —

A vessel.