Let Love In.

by retrodiction

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green,

Dare you set it free with the wind?

Try with all your might not to hide,

This difference is no cause for the tide.

Feel no shame, nor fear blind fury,

It gets better my dear, don’t worry.

Love is love, that soon they’ll learn,

But for now they lie and say you’ll burn.

Blue, Indigo and Violet hues,

Celebrate the colours — celebrate you!

With cruel words they pick you apart,

Pretending to fix what they call a ‘broken’ heart.

Forget the ignorant things they do,

For they know not half as much as you.

So listen up, and listen well,

The waters, earth and air have much to tell.

Where the sun outshines the rain and cloud,

You’ll find bright rainbows, out and proud.

You are no more alone than I am wrong,

To fight for that which we all should long.

Equality might not come easy,

But stay it will, so love strong and freely.