by retrodiction

You don’t see the things I see,

Nor feel the things I do.

Said it isn’t meant to be,

But it was never I who chose you.

Little moments have come,

And lesser time has gone,

Yet I am sure this must be home.


Over again, shall I see and not be seen.

Might I stay put at where I’ve always been,

Wishing, willing, to rise above the din.

Yet more it seems, that gravity should win.


Once again, shall I hear and not be heard.

Like how dawn brings the morning song of birds.

But no warning can sound any more absurd,

Than the ones sung loud to the world unheard.


Then again, I chose to bear all that I bore.

Let it be on my sleeves that my heart I wore.

See, and hear, to hurt till sullen and sore.

Yet back again I come, begging for more.


I see the parallels drawn,

Between now and then,

And the many days beyond.

Fall I shall, again and again,

Far too quick, and all too easy,

To give more love in vain.

Know nothing more makes me as queasy,

Than my wittingly seeking this bane.

For in fate’s eyes I see disdain,

To seal this mournful pain.