Way Overdue

by retrodiction


A new year alway brings new(old) resolutions that, for me, always go unaccomplished. Unfortunately, this says a lot about my dedication and willpower to keeping committed to the things i want to accomplish. But this year, obstacles be damned, i will get what i want!

  1. Believe in myself
  2. Read often. Write more. Dream bigger
  3. Take risks, truly experience every opportunity, and never let failure keep me down
  4. Face my fears and solve my problems
  5. Learn to trust
  6. Be open and honest
  7. Laughter, laughter and more laughter
  8. Travel
  9. Love. Love myself, my friends, my family— love life
  10. NEW YORK

More specifically:

  1. Focus on my studies
  2. Prioritise my commitments better
  3. Take better care of my body
  4. Show more appreciation for my family and friends
  5. Ace my classes and top my school
  6. Scholarship
  7. Positive thinking. Positive actions. Positive results
  8. Read more books than i can buy
  9. Never stop being curious
  10. NEW YORK