Month: April, 2013


by retrodiction

Pulsing through your veins is

A molten fire red.

Swift it comes and goes, yet

Stain it will, the host.

In dying embers grey,

Of winter black and blue,

No warm a fireplace as





Heart, and

Mind, and


Hi, do leave a comment on what you think about this poem. I’m thinking of submitting it for a competition under the theme “Passion”. Your opinions are greatly appreciated! Thank you(:


by retrodiction

Tonight I might set my affairs in order,

And lay myself to rest till all is over,

Because the world is just a mess,

And life a mere test, so what is left,

When it all ends, is not the worst or the best,

But an anger abated at the least,

And a silence that forever holds my peace.

by retrodiction

Rebellious Dreams :: Wild Adventures.

A Dreamer's Canvas

It’s been said that one must venture to New York to transform a dream into a reality. After all, it’s the city that never sleeps…and dreams never do take a rest. xx.

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