Back and bigger and better

by retrodiction

So I’ve been gone from WordPress for over 6 months now; unintended hiatus because I just haven’t been writing anything blog worthy (oops). But I’m back now, and I plan to make it a routine to start writing regularly. Mundane updates about my life, poems, creative writing… hopefully some decent art I’m trying to learn how to make. Yikes.

So I’ll just start with the first: mundane updates.

I’ve been pretty busy with school nearing the end of last year (A levels and all that jazz). Part of the reason for my disappearance. But now that that’s done with, I’m currently taking a Gap Year to try to explore my interests before heading off to university. And to travel. That’s really just the main reason. So I’m working now (I’d say to gain experience that’ll hold me in good stead in future but really it’s just for the money) to save up for my unfortunately far-away-and-as-yet-unplanned backpacking trip around Europe.

So… More about all the exciting things (to me) I’m planning on doing throughout this year in a later post. And with that I end off my most-boring-ever return to the Magickal World of WordPress.