The beginning of the end

by retrodiction

This isn’t right… The rain should be pelting down on me and the radio should be playing sappy music… Danny pondered. In his mind melodramatically playing out how the scene should have been. The car ride wasn’t long at all. Barely 30 minutes, but it might as well have been a full 30 hours, or so it seemed…

Pivotal doesn’t even begin to cover the significance of this transition. Life-changing didn’t sound enough either— that was how important it was. But for all that was wrong in the world, not a single emotion laced his chubby young face. The continual purrs of the Volkswagen faded into oblivion. And peering beyond his reflection in the clear glass was all he could do to suppress the tides that crashed against his eyes. The discomfort of the uncomfortable silence. The unfamiliar face of his father he could not bare to stand.

Unfamiliar? Father? Two words that should never have to go together in a sentence as such.

Oh, how tragically he doesn’t know that this would henceforth be the only coherent sentence he could form with regards to it.


Days like these made Danny allude himself to that of a baby bird. He was young, sure he was. But he was also about to take flight.

Now, if i were a mother bird, it would seem only natural for my heart to swell with pride while my baby spreads his wings. Never more ready in his life to take that plunge out of my nest and into the great big world beyond! But sometimes, only very few times, little baby bird doesn’t make it. He doesn’t open his wings. Or he didn’t have enough strength. Or maybe — just maybe — i pushed him when he wasn’t yet ready. But i can’t save him, he’s out of my nest now! If anything, all that’s left is a silent prayer. So he slams, face first, into the merciless ground. But wait! He doesn’t die. He’s injured. Well that’s a relief, maybe i should fly off now.

So Danny packs his bags. He had barely a wink the night before, spent a jittery afternoon among the other ‘baby birds’, and was pushed, beyond his limits, into the merciless ground.

He wasn’t little baby Danny anymore. I hate how you remind me of your father. He didn’t belong to the nest, that much was made clear.